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Easter Jeep Safari 2011 was Amazing

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Easter Jeep Safari 2011 was Amazing!

We will be honest with you. We have heard the stories from Easter Jeep Safari and from Moab in general, but in all of our years of wheeling, we had never made the trip. This year is the first time we made the pilgrimage to Moab. After a spending a week there all we can say is that we are in awe.

Words and pictures really cannot capture the awe that is Moab. You can read about the place. You can see pictures of it all of that fails to capture what it is to experience the place. When you are there on the trails you see the heights of the cliffs and the depths of the canyons, the vast view of the surrounding lands. Words or pictures cannot capture it.

We kept all our friends aprized of our situation through our Facebook page. Over the five trail days we posted almost a thousand pictures of the lucky folks we got to wheel with:

Metal Masher (Wednesday)
The trail is rated a 7 and takes off from 191 midway between 70 and downtown Moab. It heads up to the top of the butte looking down over 191 and you can see downtown in the distance. This trial run was sponsored by Mopar. They handed out promotional items, had a give away for some trail gear and had a huge bright green Jeep on the trail with us. Cool folks from all over the country. We met folks from Texas, Alabama, Mississippi (huge Barbie Jeep), Ohio and we even had a crew from Israel in a rented Rubicon (you know the saying… “drive it like a rental” … well they did). Scenic trail that was mildly challenging.

Metal Masher pictures

Behind the Rocks (Thursday)
Trail is rated a 7 and takes off from the south end of town. Seemed like a long trail. Got to see some cool views, some arches and we got to go down white knuckle hill. You know you are not going to die going down the hill, but it is as hard as they come. We strapped all the rigs down the hill and there was no breakage.

Video of our friend Kermit on the down hill. The wind was strong so the audio is garbage, but the visuals are impressive.

Pictures of all the crew in our run

Behind The Rock pictures

Steel Bender (Friday)
This trail takes off from south of town. Trail was rated a 6.5. Pretty river run for the start of it. Reminded us of wheeling in Colorado. The day was riddled with broken down rigs, poor trail leading and people getting lost. Cute trail, not challenging. Pretty. One challenging drop where the short wheel base jeeps had to get strapped down.

Steel Bender pictures

Vendor show, diner and Raffle (Friday night)
There was a hand full of vendors that were present for the indoor and outdoor vendor showcase. Warn was represented by Jessi Combs and David even got his picture taken with Jessi. At the end of the day the Cub Scouts served up their BBQ dinner that was run like clock work. Good dinner and no lines. The evening ended with the mother of all event raffles. It went on for almost three hours with hundreds of products to give away. Everything from Samurai transfer cases to entire lift kits and sets of tires.

David and Jessi at the Warn booth

Parade of Jeeps (Saturday)
Each day the trail groups start out at various locations around town and head out to their respective trails. On Saturday all of the trail groups meet up in downtown Moab and head out in one mass of offroad machines. It took all of 4 minutes to empty the town of hundreds of trail rigs:

The week was amazing. This event reminds us of why we wheel:
Awesome scenery
Challenged our rigs and our abilities
Sharing time with like minded people
Solving real problems in real time
Making new friends

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the videos. Thanks Kermit for your madd driving skills. We are already looking forward to next year. Look for us on the trails and in the vendor area.

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