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Product Review: KONG Flyer – “the floppy flyer”

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

This is one of the few products that we carry that is not strictly Jeep related. While it has little to do with Jeeps, it has a lot to do with dogs. Of course dogs and Jeeps go hand in hand.

I want to call this a Frisbee, but we know we can’t. Frisbee is a trademark of the Wham-O toy company and this is not a Wham-O product. So I will follow the rules and call it a flying disc.

The Kong Flying disc is made by KONG. KONG has a line of nearly indestructible dog chew toys. The KONG flying disc is made of the same rubber material as their other toys. This flying disc is rubber and flexible, not hard plastic. Since it is flexible it can be folded and chewed on without breaking.

Our product tester (Ivy, our 3 year-old border collie mix) has had her KONG Flying disc for over a year now. She plays hard with it. She carries it around, runs with it, chews on it and plays catch with it daily. After more than a year it has no holes, no chips, no cracks or tears.

Our Ivy is a “Frisbee dog”. When she was a pup, we fed her out of a Frisbee. At first we would use the hard plastic variety, but we found she would chew them and break them. Then we ran the risk of her ingesting the pieces. We also tried the cloth fliers. Those simply are not durable enough for her rough play. They are also lighter in weight and don’t fly as far.

Since Ivy is a Frisbee dog we throw the disc a lot. The KONG flying disc is somewhat heavier than the plastic discs we have used. That means that with the kids throwing the KONG disc, they do not throw it as far. On the flip side, because it is heavier, I am able to throw it much further. The KONG version has an interesting behavior that when thrown it makes a “whizzing” noise. That noise allows Ivy to always know where it is as she chases it down – even in the dark!

We have given them as gifts to many dog friends and the gift has been well received.


We love it.
Ivy loves it.
Your dog will love it too

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Free Jeep

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

A young lady outside of Salt Lake City is running a classified ad ( to find a Jeep loving lover. In order to take possession of the Jeep (1992 Wrangler, locked on 33s) you must take the owner as your bride…. And hold her for 5 years. She has fully described her terms and conditions in a copy of the ad below.

1 – she is cute
2 – Jeep is cute too
3 – I love her chutzpa
4 – I love her sense of humor

We wish her good luck. This kind of creativity is precious. Go for it, her email is listed in the ad below. No idea if she is open to relocation.



‘92 Jeep Wrangler…
Midvale, UT 84047
- Jul 1, 2009…with proposal and wedding ring. Terms and Conditions:    

1. Marriage must last a minimum of 5 years.
2. Jeep cannot feel neglected – trips to Moab required – but it’s a package deal. You take the Jeep, you take me!
3. Honda 400EX included in lifetime package.
4. Honeymoon required.

Men only, please. I am ALL woman!

That’s right! Act now on this one-time offer. All you have to do is date and marry me and you can be the proud owner of a 1992 Jeep Wrangler (along with a 1970 woman). Jeep has a lift, safari top for the summer/hard top for the winter, rear locker, 33″ tires and (new this year) an 8000 lb winch. 

Not only do you get the Jeep, but you get me. And boys, I don’t come stock. I am FULLY LOADED! My add-ons include: a great sense of humor, an affection for “garage nights” (that means working on stuff in the garage), an amazing work ethic, temple-worthiness, an appreciation for sports, the ability to live well within my means, logical reasoning skills, a “work hard so you can play hard” mentality, and I’m great with kids, too!

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Proud to Sponsor National Off-road Association (NORA)

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

The California Jeep Authority is proud to be a new sponsor of National Off-Road Association (NORA). We care about land use issues. NORA cares about land use issues. We are happy to be able to support this worthwhile organization.

NORA’s mission statement:

  • To unify the off-road community by providing information and tools,
  • To influence state and national policy-makers on legislation where access to public lands by off-highway vehicle (OHV) users are at risk,
  • To provide economic / environmental reports, and legal action support; and use all lawful means necessary to carry out these objectives.

All NORA members receive a 15% discount on all items purchased from our site. So if you are a current NORA member, contact us for your discount. If you are not a NORA member, you should check them out. Along with our discount, your membership includes discounts from a number of great companies.

Check out their site:

Join NORA in their support of off-road interests. Join here

Check out NORA’s email newsletter. Sign up here.

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Free Drawing for a Jeep Gift Basket

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

We are running a give away for our most popular Jeep Gift Basket. To be eligible for the drawing we simply ask that you fill out this quick survey. You know the cliché, the better we know our customers, the better we can serve you. We really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

To thank you for filling out the survey, you will be entered in a drawing for one of our Jeep Gift baskets. Survey response needs to be in by midnight PST on July 31, 2009. We will announce the winner shortly there after.


Thanks for your participation!


- Karen Grubman


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